Volume 32 Number 1 March 2004


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Binary accreting neutron star as a source of x-ray transients - Aql X-1, Cen X-4, 1608-522:  3
Indira Bardoloi and Mon Moyuri Baruah
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Different distribution functions of solar x-ray flares:  15
T.K. Das, B.K. De and J. Bhattacharyya
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Spectrophotometry of the comet C/2002 V1 (NEAT):  25
B.B. Sanwal, Brijesh Kumar and Mahendra Singh
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Transfer of resonance line radiation in advected atmospheres with partial frequency redistribution of photons:  33
A. Peraiah
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CCD photometry of the unstudied galactic star clusters Be 10, Be 67 and To 5:  59
Sneh Lata, V. Mohan, A.K. Pandey and Ram Sagar
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IR-IMAC - A developmental approach:  75
Vidhya Vaitheeswaran, U.S. Kamath and Vidya Rangaswamy
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