Volume 34 Number 3 September 2006

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Primordial enrichment and nitrogen abundance inhomogeneities in globular clusters:  235
Graeme H. Smith
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Stationary solutions and their stability in the magnetic-binary problem when the bigger primary is a triaxial rigid body:  255
Harshita Jain, I. Q. Iqbal, Z. A. Taqvi and K. B. Bhatnagar
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Spectrophotometric study of the comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT):  273
Mahendra Singh, B. B. Sanwal and Brijesh Kumar
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MST radar observations of Perseid meteor shower 2004:  281
D. Venkata Phani Kumar, K. Chenna Reddy and G. Yellaiah
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Deep J -band imaging of high redshift QSO candidates with the Himalayan Chandra Telescope:  291
Tomotsugu Goto and Devendra Ojha
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Recombination efficiency of molecular hydrogen on interstellar grains-II. A numerical study:  299
Sandip K. Chakrabarti, Ankan Das, Kinsuk Acharyya and Sonali Chakrabarti
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