Volume 35 Number 2 June 2007

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Photometry of balloon 090100001 with the Himalayan Chandra Telescope:  67
The. Ahmad , C. S. Jeffery , C. Aerts, G. Fontaine and S. Charpinet
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Comments on the radio spectrum of HB 3:  77
D. A. Green
Abstract | PDF

A near-infrared stellar sp ectral library: I I. K-band spectra:  87
Arvind C. Ranade, Harinder P. Singh, Ranjan Gupta and N. M. Ashok
Abstract | PDF

Gauribidanur radio array solar sp ectrograph (GRASS):  111
E. Ebenezer, K. R. Subramanian, R. Ramesh, M. S. Sundararajan and C. Kathiravan
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An Hi study of three long-tailed irregular galaxies in the cluster Abell 1367:  121
Ananda Hota and D.J. Saikia
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Further evidence for intra-night optical variability of radio-quiet quasars:  141
Arti Goyal, Gopal-Krishna, Ram Sagar, G. C. Anupama and D. K. Sahu
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Chord lengths across main belt asteroids from stellar occultations in the near infrared:  155
T. Chandrasekhar
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On the source of cometary N+2 ions:  163
P. P. Saxena
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(Guest Editors N. Kameswara Rao & Margarita Safonova):  169
Proceedings of the TAUVEX Science Meeting

171: Contents Continued: PDF

173: Editors foreword: PDF

TAUVEX--UV observations from geosynchronous orbit:  175
Jayant Murthy, M. Safonova, R. Mohan and P. Gopakumar
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Calibrating TAUVEX: turning space hardware into a scientific instrument:  187
Noah Brosch, Elhanan Almoznino, Hagai Netzer and Meirav Naaman,Erez R. Yacoby, Jeremy Topaz and Nachman Saar
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TAUVEX on GSAT4: observational prosp ects and constraints:  209
Elhanan Almoznino
Abstract | PDF

UV observations of globular clusters and nearby galaxies:  223
Annapurni Subramaniam
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Some p ossible observing programmes in stellar and galactic astronomy with the TAUVEX:  229
H. C. Bhatt
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Interstellar dust studies with TAUVEX:  233
G. Maheswar, C. Muthu, N. V. Sujatha, G. Pandey, H. C. Bhatt,N. Kameswara Rao, J. Murthy
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Proposal for UV observations of star forming clouds:  239
A. K. Sen, T. Mukai, R. Gupta and Y. Okada
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Active galaxies and their imp ortance: results from imaging them in the UV:  249
Pra jval Shastri
Abstract | PDF

AGN research with TAUVEX:  255
Hagai Netzer
Abstract | PDF

Variability study of blazars with TAUVEX: scop e and limitations:  261
U.C. Joshi, K. S. Baliyan and S. Ganesh
Abstract | PDF

Quasi-p erio dic oscillations in quasars to nano-quasars:  271
Sandip K. Chakrabarti
Abstract | PDF

Galaxy surveys and science with TAUVEX:  283
Noah Brosch and Elhanan Almoznino
Abstract | PDF

Studies of diffuse UV radiation:  295
N. V. Sujatha and Jayant Murthy
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303: Society Matters: PDF

The Executive Council of the ASI:PDF

Vainu Bappu Gold Medal:PDF

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