Volume 35 Number 1 March 2007

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The nonlinear thermal instability in ISM: typical net cooling functions:  1
Ali-Reza Khesali and Mohmmad-Ali Bagherian
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On the possibility of gly and ala amino acids on Titan:  15
P. P. Saxena
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Variable spectral energy distribution of Cassiopeiae in the optical region:  23
P. S. Goraya
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Different types of class transitions of GRS 1915+105 using IXAE data:  41
Asit K. Choudhury, Achintya K. Chatterjee and Anuj Nandi
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Near-infrared JH photometry of young open cluster Be 59:  53
Saurabh Sharma, K. Ogura, A. K. Pandey, D. K. Ojha and B. C. Bhatt
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