Volume 4


Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru, India
June 28 - July 01, 2011

Editors: Annapurni Subramanian and Sumedh Anathpindika


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I. Low Mass Star-Formation

The outburst and nature of young eruptive low mass stars in dark clouds:  1
J. P. Ninan1 ,D. K. Ojha1*,B. C. Bhatt2,K. K. Mallick 1, A. Tej3, D. K. Sahu2,S. K. Ghosh1 and V. Mohan4
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Optical polarimetry: tracing magnetic fields in Bok globules:  9
G. Maheswar and Archana Soam
[Abstract] | [PDF]

New insights into the earliest phases of low-mass star formation with the Herschel Space Observatory:  13
J. Di Francesco
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Understanding properties of dust in star forming clouds: polarization vs extinction:  23
A. K. Sen
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Flamingos near-infrared study of the Serpens cloud:  29
Priya Hasan
[Abstract] | [PDF]

II. Star-Formation Regions and Protostellar Disks

Protoplanetary disk masses in the Orion nebula cluster:  35
Rita K. Mann and Jonathan P. Williams
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Disk dispersal and photoevaporation:  45
Uma Gorti
[Abstract] | [PDF]

III. Triggered Star-Formation

High mass star formation in the Herschel era: highlights of the HOBYS key program:  55
C. Fallscheer
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Star formation in and around bright-rimmed clouds:  63
Neelam Chauhan
[Abstract] | [PDF]

The contagion of star-formation: its origin:  69
S. Ananthpindika
[Abstract] | [PDF]

The mid-infrared bubble Sh2-90: a possible case of triggered star formation?:  77
M. R. Samal
[Abstract] | [PDF]

IV. Young Stellar Objects and Jets

Star formation in and around young star clusters associated with HII regions:  81
A. K. Pandey
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Young stellar population in the star-forming complex Sh2-252:  91
Jessy Jose, A. K. Pandey, K. Ogura and B. C. Bhatt
[Abstract] | [PDF]

The enigma of jets and outflows from young stars:  97
D. Coffey
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Young stellar objects and their environment:  107
Rumpa Choudhury
[Abstract] | [PDF]

V. Star Clusters

The IMF of intermediate-mass stars in young star clusters:  113
Ram Sagar and Brijesh Kumar
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Duration of star formation in young open clusters:  121
B. Bhavya, A. Subramaniam and V. C. Kuriakose
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Gas dynamical friction on prestellar clumps and open clusters:  125
K. Indulekha, K. Ambili and C. J. Jog
[Abstract] | [PDF]

VI. Extra-Galactic Star Formation

Extragalactic star formation rate -- estimates at different wavelengths:  131
T. P. Prabhu
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Recent star formation history of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds:  139
G. Indu and Annapurni Subramaniam
[Abstract] | [PDF]

On the low rate of star formation in LSB galaxies:  145
Chanda J. Jog
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Star formation in bulgeless late type spiral Galaxies:  153
M. Das, S. Ramya, C. Sengupta and K. Mishra
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Star formation in blue compact dwarf Galaxies:  159
S. Ramya, T. P. Prabhu and D. K. Sahu
[Abstract] | [PDF]

VII. Future Developments in Indian Astronomy

Upcoming Indian facility: UVIT on ASTROSAT:  165
Annapurni Subramaniam
[Abstract] | [PDF]

New optical telescopes at Devasthal observatory : 1.3-m installed and 3.6-m upcoming:  173
Ram Sagar, Brijesh Kumar, Amitesh Omar and Yogesh C. Joshi
[Abstract] | [PDF]

VIII. Poster Presentation

Broadband optical polarimetric studies of Be 59:  181
C. Eswaraiah and A. K. Pandey
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Study of star formation in young Magellanic Cloud clusters:  185
Smriti Vats, Annapurni Subramaniam, K. T. Paul, K. M. Divya, Smitha Subramanian
[Abstract] | [PDF]

A multiwavelength study of Galactic HII region S297:  187
K. K. Mallick, D. K. Ojha, M. R. Samal, A. K. Pandey, S. K. Ghosh, B. C. Bhatt and M. Tamura
[Abstract] | [PDF]

First light observations with TIFR Near Infrared Imaging Camera (TIRCAM-II):  189
D. K. Ojha, S. K. Ghosh, S. L. A. D'Costa, M. B. Naik, P. R. Sandimani, S. S. Poojary, S. B. Bhagat, R. B. Jadhav, G. S. Meshram, C. B. Bakalkar, A. N. Ramaprakash,V. Mohan and J. Joshi
[Abstract] | [PDF]

TIFR Near Infrared Spectrometer and Imager (TIRSPEC):  191
D. K. Ojha, S. K. Ghosh, S. L. A. D'Costa, M. B. Naik, P. R. Sandimani, S. S. Poojary, S. B. Bhagat, R. B. Jadhav, G. S. Meshram and C. B. Bakalkar
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Carbon enhanced metal poor (CEMP) stars and the early stellar population of the Galaxy:  193
T. Sivarani, D. Carollo, T. C. Beers and D. Lai
[Abstract] | [PDF]

Deep NIR JHKs observations of HII region Sh 2-311:  195
Ram Kesh Yadav, A. K. Pandey, Saurabh Sharma, M. R. Samal and Neelam Chauhan
[Abstract] | [PDF]

The chemical abundances of open clusters: NGC 752, NGC 1817, NGC 2360 and NGC 2506:  197
Arumalla B. S. Reddy, Sunetra Giridhar and David L. Lambert
[Abstract] | [PDF]

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