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Astronomical Society of India (ASI) and the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc), Bengaluru have joined hands in the publication of the Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (JAA) from December 2017 issue onward, which was the first joint publication in collaboration with Springer Nature, India. Please visit this link for more details.

Vol. 42 - No. 3 & 4 (Sept & Dec 2014 - PAST ISSUE)

The Double Pulsar J0737 - 3039A/B: a decade of surprises
M. Burgay1,*, M. Kramer2,3 and M. A. McLaughlin4
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Loop quantum cosmology and the fate of cosmological singularities
Parampreet Singh*
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Investigation of iron emission lines in the eclipsing high mass X-ray binary pulsar OAO 1657-415
Gaurava K. Jaisawal1* and Sachindra Naik1†
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A new three-band, two beam astronomical photo-polarimeter
G. Srinivasulu1*, A. V. Raveendran2, S. Muneer1†, M. V. Mekkaden3, N. Jayavel4, M. R. Somashekar1, K. Sagayanathan1, S. Ramamoorthy1, M. J. Rosario5 and K. Jayakumar6‡
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Astronomical Society of India Conference Series (ASICS)

In order to make recent results presented in conferences available to a wide community, the Astronomical Society of India has started a Conference Series. Conferences held either within or outside the country can be published as part of the ASI Conference Series. All papers in the Conference Series will be refereed, and its publication will be overseen by the Editorial Board of BASI. We welcome proposals from organisers of astronomical meetings or editors of the proceedings. Enquiries and proposals may be sent to

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