BASI: Mailing list and Subscriptions

BASI: Mailing list

Articles published in BASI are available easily via the BASI web page as well as the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System. Therefore, while we will continue to send print/hard copies of BASI to subscribers and institutional members, we propose to send print/hard copies to only those members of the Society who wish to have a print/hard copy.

Members of the Astronomical Society of India who wish to have a hard copy are requested to << Click Here >> and fill in their name and mailing addresses.

Mailing list of print/hard copies of BASI for Individual members of the Society who have opted for receiving print/hard copies, Institutional members and Subscribers are listed << here >> along with their addresses. Please do let us know if you either spot any errors or if your address changes.

Please note that even if members of ASI opt for seeing the articles on-line, they could request in advance for a print/hard copy of any special issue of BASI which will be announced well in advance. E-mails may be sent to

BASI: Subscriptions

Rs 2,500/- for Indian Institutions,
and US dollars 250/- or its equivalent for Foreign Institutions.

Revised Subscription Rates
(Includes Airmail Charges)
Annual Rate:IndividualsInstitutions & Libraries
IndiaRs. 100Rs. 1000
ForeignUS $ 50US $ 100
Single Issue:IndividualsInstitutions & Libraries
IndiaRs. 50Rs. 300
ForeignUS $ 15US $ 30

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