Volume 35 Number 3 September 2007

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Research Article

An efficient modulation scheme for dual beam polarimetry:  307
K. Nagaraju, K. B. Ramesh, K. Sankarasubramanian and K. E. Rangara jan
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Higher order normalizations in the generalized photogravitational restricted three body problem with Poynting-Robertson drag:  319
B. S. Kushvah, J. P. Sharma and B. Ishwar
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Low-resolution spectroscopy of high Galactic latitude objects: A search for CH stars:  339
Aruna Goswami, P. Bama, N. S. Shantikumar and Deepthi Devassy
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A near-infrared stellar spectral library: III. J-band spectra:  359
Arvind C. Ranade, N. M. Ashok, Harinder P. Singh and Ranjan Gupta
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Pre-main sequence stars, emission stars and recent star formation in the Cygnus Region:  383
B. Bhavya, Blesson Mathew and Annapurni Subramaniam
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