Volume 39 Number 4 December 2011

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Research Articles

Optical spectroscopy of Classical Be stars in open clusters:  517
Blesson Mathew and Annapurni Subramaniam
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Optical observations of Ultra Steep Spectrum radio sources:  539
Samuel J. George and Ian R. Stevens
Abstract | PDF

A low-frequency study of two asymmetric large radio galaxies:  547
A. Pirya, S. Nandi, D.J. Saikia and M. Singh
Abstract | PDF

Formation rates of dark matter haloes :  563
Sourav Mitra, Girish Kulkarni, J. S. Bagla and Jaswant K. Yadav
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Society Matters:  593

Print ISSN 0304-9523; On-line ISSN: 2249-9601

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