Volume 40 Number 4 December 2012

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Review Articles

Blurring the boundaries among astronomy, chemistry, and physics: the Moseley centenary:  465
Virginia Trimble
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Research Articles

A photometric comparison between the Hyades main sequence and a spectroscopically-chosen sample of field dwarfs:  487
Graeme H. Smith
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Investigation of variability of iron emission lines in Centaurus X-3:  503
Sachindra Naik and Biswajit Paul
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Study of ram pressure effects on NGC 2805 in Holmberg 124:  515
Alka Mishra, N. G. Kantharia and D. C. Srivastava
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TIRCAM2: The TIFR near infrared imaging camera:  531
M. B. Naik, D. K. Ojha, S. K. Ghosh, S. S. Poojary, R. B.Jadhav, G. S. Meshram, P. R. Sandimani, S. B. Bhagat, S. L. A. D'Costa, S. M. Gharat, C. B. Bakalkar, J. P. Ninan and J. S. Joshi
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