Volume 40 Number 1 March 2012

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(i) Preface: PDF

Review Articles

Where will Einstein fail? Lessons for gravity and cosmology:  1
Niayesh Afshordi
Abstract | PDF

Do the fundamental constants change with time?:  21
Nissim Kanekar
Abstract | PDF

Kippenhahn and Thomas averaging method for the structure of rotating stars:  41
Ankush Pathania, Arvind Kumar Lal, Chander Mohan and Thebe Medupe
Abstract | PDF

Research Articles

A photometric study of contact binaries V3 and V4 in NGC 2539:  51
Y. Ravi Kiron, K. Sriram and P. Vivekananda Rao
Abstract | PDF

Spatial orientation of galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance:  65
B. Aryal, S.N. Yadav and W. Saurer
Abstract | PDF | [Sample of Galaxies]

Twin Telescope observations of the Sun at Kodaikanal Observatory:  77
Jagdev Singh and B. Ravindra
Abstract | PDF

(iii) Society Matters: PDF

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